Glitter / Putz House: Farmhouse


I’ve gone glitter house crazy over here a few weeks ago for days at a time, fitting in this project whenever I could. I started with the idea that I would make 24 houses, each one leading up to Christmas and having a different house style. But I’ve cut that short after I ran out of glitter and dimensional paint. So now there’s only 9, but it worked out because I ran out of display space. 

This glitter house was inspired by a farmhouse. It’s a two-story home with a wrap-around porch and an arched window in the front. In the pattern I included the porch with columns and rails, but you can most definitely leave those out if you want to use different materials like I did to keep with my gingerbread house theme. Some good material would be balsa wood or lollipop sticks. 

There are windows on each side and there’s enough space for more embellishments or maybe even a brush tree.

I made the mistake of making one full railing  instead of sections between the columns. So now my rails are crooked on one side. I was too lazy to fix it but I used a different method in future houses.

This house is a little more detailed and requires a lot of cutting but I think the results are worth it in the end. This is a pattern where you want to make sure to paint your pieces before assembling. It will be hard to get a paintbrush between the railings and under the porch

If you need general step-by-step instructions, see my first post here.

Click the image below to download the pattern.

Enjoy getting glittery! Let me know what you think of the pattern or if you have any questions in the comments below!


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