K-Pop Colors: Bold Primary

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.


It’s interesting what comes up when researching these videos. I came across this boppy, empowering song and I’m really digging it — especially how the dance moves weren’t too “girly” yet they were still feminine. In this video, red and black are the commanding colors contrasted by shades of gray and a pop of blue.

HEX: #79151a
RGB: 121, 21, 26
HEX: #ab1b22
RGB: 171, 27, 34
HEX: #bf3e62
RGB: 191, 62, 98
HEX: #000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0
HEX: #131c2c
RGB: 19, 28, 44
HEX: #a8a4ba
RGB: 168, 184, 186
HEX: #0c085c
RGB: 12, 8, 92

NCT 127 – Kick It

This was the first video that came to mind when I thought about bold primary colors. This banger of a song and video appropriately uses yellow and black to pay homage to Bruce Lee (and modern references to Kill Bill). The high-contrast yellows and blacks, accented with rich golds and silvers, followed by a bold red emphasizes the martial arts theme.

HEX: #e8d349
RGB: 232, 211, 73
HEX: #dcb541
220, 181, 65
HEX: #b98c53
RGB: 185, 140, 83
HEX: #92909b
RGB: 146, 144, 145
HEX: #585956
88, 89, 86
HEX: #000000
0, 0, 0
HEX: #a82626
168, 38, 38

Ha Sung Woon – Blue

This song and video gave me a feeling of sentimentality and longing. After re-watching with captions, I realized how music and visuals can transcend language. The main blue is electric and highlights a luring deepness and shifts in tone to become more grounded.

HEX: #1e50a4
30, 80, 164
HEX: #3176c6
49, 118, 198
HEX: #5ebff3
94, 191, 243
HEX: #d0daf3
208, 218, 243
HEX: #010d44
1, 13, 68
HEX: #2c255a
44, 37, 90
HEX: #121b2c
18, 27, 44

What other bold-colored K-pop videos have you seen? Leave it in the comments below!

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