K-Pop Colors: Emerging Spring

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.

BTS – Spring Day

BTS does not disappoint when it comes to aesthetically pleasing visuals. This video slowly melts away a cold past to reveal the beginnings of a new season in life. The colors are like an Instagram filter, blurring the contrast between winter and spring where the whites are not quite white and the bolder spring colors are at a point of just emerging.

HEX: #dfd6b7
223, 214, 183
HEX: #bebf5f
190, 191, 95
HEX: #ba7661
186, 118, 97
HEX: #b5698e
181, 105, 142
HEX: #8db6a6
181, 142, 166
HEX: #4d7f92
77, 127, 146
HEX: #808aac
128, 138, 172

Yeri – Dear Diary

This song is so calming it’s like being enveloped in a warm sweater. The soft colors in the video are wistful and homey, like an old friend greeting you. The muted pinks, yellow, purple, green and teal are gentle and reminiscent of natural food coloring mixed with buttercream icing. It’s sweet and good for your conscience.

HEX: #743c40
RGB: 116, 60, 64
HEX: #d8bec4
RGB: 216, 290, 196
HEX: #a2929a
RGB: 162, 146, 154
HEX: #d9c293
RGB: 217, 194, 147
HEX: #596c6b
RGB: 89, 108, 107
HEX: #859ea1
RGB: 133, 158, 161
HEX: #bfb2a4
RGB: 191, 178, 164

BigBang – Let’s Not Fall in Love

Yes, I realize that this is a far cry from “Fantastic Baby” but let’s appreciate the softness of BigBang at this moment.

This video gave me all the feels… Oh, the memories of a budding love that you don’t want to mess up because your relationship is innocent and fun. The aqua filter in this video distorts the bright pinks, yellow and cream colors — giving the effect of looking at the world through a somber realization of what could be.

HEX: #83a1a6
131, 161, 166
HEX: #93b4aa
147, 180, 170
HEX: #707180
112, 113, 128
HEX: #8a5179
138, 81, 121
HEX: #b27f98
178, 127, 152
HEX: #b59580
181, 149, 128
HEX: #736d69
115, 109, 105

Do you have any recommendations of K-pop videos that would have a seasonal theme? Comment below!

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