K-Pop Colors: Moody Blues

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.

Taemin – Move

This video was my first introduction (via my daughter) to Taemin and subsequently, SHINee.

Taemin’s voice is soft and seductive and accompanied with a punchy bass line that gives the song some rawness. The video juxtaposes fine-tuned movements with a rainy street scene that dampens the sense of perfection. Dull blues sets a cool, slow attraction and a hint of mauve becomes a warm lure.

HEX: #b8e9fa
RGB: 184, 233, 250
HEX: #41889b
RGB: 65, 36, 155
HEX: #173d4d
RGB: 23, 61, 77
HEX: #13222e
RGB: 19, 34, 46
HEX: #050711
RGB: 5, 7, 17
HEX: #3d3546
RGB: 61, 53, 70
HEX: #a66e8f
RGB: 166, 110, 143

Day 6 – Shoot Me

The light raggae rhythm and rollercoaster, minor-key melody at the beginning of this song sets the tone for a looming danger that builds to a literal, “bang!” The video is slightly macabre where blue tones create a melancholy scene. Greens and reds act like defiant traffic lights as it cuts through pain and sadness screaming, “go ahead and hurt me, but stop.”

HEX: #0f0b1f
RGB: 15, 11, 31
HEX: #0e113d
RGB: 14, 17, 61
HEX: #2a3e67
RGB: 42, 62, 103
HEX: #5796b6
RGB: 87, 150, 182
HEX: #cee8f8
RGB: 206, 232, 248
HEX: #366b48
RGB: 54, 107, 72

HEX: #731421
RGB: 115, 20, 33

MAX (Changmin) – Chocolate

Max’s powerful, piercing voice immediately commits you to the song and video. You’re taken through steely-blue interrogation scenes, wondering what nefarious activity has taken place. The hook turns into complimentary “chocolate” brown colors reveal a backstory of desire.

HEX: #1a324f
RGB: 26, 50, 79
HEX: #3b5a7b
RGB: 59, 90, 123
HEX: #577692
RGB: 87, 118, 146
HEX: #97acc4
RGB: 151, 172, 196
HEX: #062038
RGB: 6, 32, 56
HEX: #758685
RGB: 117, 134, 133
HEX: #764b26
RGB: 118, 75, 138

What “moody” K-Pop concepts are your favorites? Comment below!

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