K-Pop Colors: Rockin’ 80’s

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.

Wonder Girls – I Feel You

This song screams 80’s synth pop reminiscent of Exposé’s “Point of No Return” and the visuals of Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible.” (I realize I’m dating myself.) The “Barbie” pastels and neon lights color the set to blues and berry that compliment the ladies’ deadpan / doll-like moves, while red lends a sultry contrast.

HEX: #2e2f9a
RGB: 46, 47, 154
HEX: #81294e
RGB: 129, 41, 78
HEX: #7fc2d5
RGB: 127, 194, 213
HEX: #a18bbf
RGB: 161, 139, 191
HEX: #e2afce
RGB: 226, 175, 206
HEX: #e1d481
RGB: 225, 232, 129
HEX: #c72435
RGB: 199, 36, 53

Yesung – Pink Magic

Yesung’s airy vocals create a sweet atmosphere to this 80’s-influenced bubblegum pop song. The colors fit the feel-good bop with bright pinks, teals, pastel yellow, and cantaloupe — It’s as if they pulled the colors out of an episode of Saved by the Bell.

HEX: #f3b6f7
RGB: 243, 182, 247
HEX: #bb8df8
RGB: 187, 141, 248
HEX: #8fe3d6
RGB: 143, 227, 214
HEX: #e29f72
RGB: 226, 159, 114
HEX: #f3eb80
RGB: 243, 235, 148
HEX: #557cb3
RGB: 85, 124, 179
HEX: #429447
RGB: 66, 148, 71

Day6 – Days Gone By

Day6 does not disappoint with this 80’s aesthetic. It’s as if you are transported back in time when New Wave music was getting popular with it’s heavy synth on keys and percussion. The colors contrast iridescence and bold hues just like the song moves from happy major to contemplative minor chords.

HEX: #ded9b6
RGB: 222, 217, 182
HEX: #8bc5c7
RGB: 139, 197, 199
HEX: #79c3a7
RGB: 121, 195, 167
HEX: #c4b7db
RGB: 196, 183, 219
HEX: #b6812d
RGB: 182, 129, 45
HEX: #a745a9
RGB: 167, 69, 169
HEX: #203633
RGB: 32, 54, 51

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