Yes, I know. I said I probably wouldn’t attempt people cookies again but this was a special occasion. My daughter requested that I make the cookies for her friend’s 12th birthday. Her friend likes BTS and was even planning on attending the concert at the Rose Bowl back in May. However, due to the pandemic, the tour was cancelled.

BTS’ latest comeback would have made for uninteresting cookies because of the overall colors. Our resident K-Pop expert (the teenager) said to use the “Idol era” since everything was colorful back then.

I tried a different method and used food markers, but as you can see, it left some remnants. I feel like I should just trust my own skills but my hand is still not 100%. Another mistake I made was making the icing too watery. The bolder colors started to bleed into the light colors.

BTS cookies - Jungkook
BTS cookies - Jimin

Overall, I know I could do better. Maybe I’ll try it again. I do have to say that 8 cookies were easier to pull off than 23.

For those who don’t know BTS…

First off, where have you been?! BTS is the most popular and most recognized K-Pop group in the world right now. BTS’ music video premieres trend #1 on YouTube and reach 100 Million views within a day or two. They play their music on the US airwaves and sell out huge stadiums within hours. Our teen found out about BTS (and K-Pop) in early 2016.

Back then BTS looked and sounded like this:

And now:

BTS was pretty much a gateway into other K-Pop groups. Our daughter has since moved on from being and “ARMY” to a “multi-stan” and her album collection shows it.

And now, here I am, writing about K-Pop — who would have thought?

Truthfully, I enjoy BTS’ earlier music than what’s been recently released within the past year. Back then, the group felt and sounded so raw. Now, with their popularity increasing, the group is a lot more polished which some people (especially western cultures) like more. I think that it’s great that BTS is opening ears to K-Pop music. Most of the stuff on the radio is trash these days (yes, I am showing my age) so it’s nice to have something to play.

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