After so many years of contemplating whether or not I should open up an online shop, I finally did it! Right now there’s only a few items — mostly K-Pop / K-Drama related (hey, I need a niche market to get started) but eventually I will sell downloadable patterns and SVGs of my existing templates that are on this site.

Why now?

I have to admit, the pandemic has got me a little stir-crazy and I needed a distraction from what I normally do for our business. Yes, it’s still design-related, but now I have a little more creative freedom to come up with my own designs versus regular client-work.

K-Pop related items were a good start since my daughter and her friends are in “that market” and I could see what people would want. Plus, it’s fun and I enjoy the music — so why not? As of this post, I’m almost sold-out of one of my products so it’s good to know that people are enjoying what I’m creating.

Etsy, too?

I currently have products listed on Etsy and on this website. Many buyers trust Etsy’s purchase protection — I offer that here as well. I split inventory between stores so if it’s sold out on Etsy, I will most likely have more on this website. Of course, I’d prefer that you stay on my site to purchase — you will most likely get a better deal like reduced pricing and free shipping.

Keeping You Posted

I will keep buyers posted on latest products, designs, and product updates on this website. It will be under Shop Updates. Don’t worry, there will still be my “regular” posts about food, crafts, lifestyle and DIYs.

I would also like to hear from you! Let me know what you’d like to see in my shop — I’m a “Jill of all trades” after all.

Visit my shop!

So far, my products have been well-received having both international and domestic sales. I’m so excited to see where my products get shipped. I ship quickly — within 1-2 business days. You can visit my shop(s) by clicking the buttons below.

If you’ve previously purchased from my on Etsy or on this website, THANK YOU! It means a lot to have your support.

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