New Sticker Set, Sales Milestone, Christmas Downloads

Coming Soon…

A new sticker set is in production! The Iconic Memes Sticker set was so well-received and had great customer feedback that I decided to commemorate more NCT memes in sticker form!

This new set will feature:

100 Sales!!

Thank you for the support for my store both here and on Etsy! It’s been a fun ride so far and a great learning experience. I get so much joy knowing that my products are being used all around the world!

So far, products have been sent internationally to the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Spain, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and Great Britain! Of course, I’m ever so thankful to my U.S. customers as well! It is a pleasure to know that the work I’ve put into the store is getting validated through your purchases.

100 sales may seem like small potatoes for some but it’s a huge deal for me with only having a small product line. Know that each and every one of those purchases were sent with a lot of love and appreciation.

I will work harder to bring you items that will spark some JOY in your life!

Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU!!

Christmas Downloads and Maybe Products

Cottage-Style Glitter House

Christmas is coming and now is the time to start crafting! Soon I will be selling the patterns for my Glitter Houses — even the ones that weren’t posted! I’m also putting out feelers to see if you would like me to sell Glitter House Kits made from repurposed materials (used cardboard boxes). It will come with everything you need to assemble and decorate a glitter house, except for hot glue. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see this in store!!

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