Refrigerator Woes

My refrigerator is dying a slow, horrible death.

It all began a little over 4 years ago when the water dispenser stopped working. No biggie – we drank tap water. It started to work again at the end of last year when I removed the water filter and put in a cap in its place. We thought it was a frozen line or the water filter had some blockage in it. So yay, fridge works (but we’re still drinking tap, now from the fridge).

Around April this year, I opened the fridge in the morning and found that it was not cold. Not only was it “not cold” but MY BUTTER MELTED. So did the cheese that was in the same compartment. It must have been really hot for that to happen.

I asked a friend about it and he said that there might be dust bunnies in the fan that’s causing the fridge to overheat. So I pulled out the fridge, unscrewed the back panel and vacuumed the heck out of it.

In July, we noticed water under the fridge. It was a water leak from the line of the water dispenser. Being a DIY-gal, I looked up the problem on the internet and suspected it might be a frozen line again. So, we turned off the water and in the meantime made our own ice cubes the old-fashioned way while we figured out how to fix the problem.

In September we noticed our fridge was FREEZING food! We got slushy milk…even our eggs cracked because they froze on the inside! What the heck!?

Forward to last week, the fridge was WARM again! Butter melted! Aaah! So my husband pulled out the lightbulb, thinking that it was the light causing all the problems. But I thought it was a thermostat issue (even though we have both the freezer and fridge to set to “coldest”). It looks like the freezer has been defrosting and re-freezing. Just look at all this frost on my food!

I’m bummed because I have a few freezer meals stored in there. I don’t know what’s good to eat and what’s gone bad. At least I can cook out any harmful stuff. 🙂

Not only is the fridge, in general, not working right. The plastic “leak guard” on the shelves are starting to crack.

So now I’m at a dilemma. A new fridge kinda costs a lot of moolah—Especially the French-door ones that I’d prefer (fits trays of cookies better, easier to store stuff). I’d also like an ice maker and water dispenser… even more $$$. We’re on a tight budget. We already had to buy a new dishwasher since the last one wouldn’t drain.

What really concerns me is that I’m hesitant to buy perishable food. Especially fresh fruits and vegetables since I don’t know if they’ll last in the fridge. I’m also not in the mood to pre-make anything for the holidays… or even store raw turkey for fear that it will go bad in the fridge.

If there are any refrigerator manufacturers out there, would you be so kind to send a new fridge my way so that my family can enjoy the holidays? I’ll make you a batch of cookies if you do (’cause that’s all I can afford right now!)

Hey… you don’t get what you don’t ask for, right?

Since it looks inevitable that I’d be on a hunt for a new fridge, my question to you, my readers: What fridge do you have and what do you like/not like about it? Post in the comments below!

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