Squooshi Giveaway at Don’t Mess With Mama!

Some of you know that as a DIYer I’m pretty frugal about everything I use or make. I don’t like a lot of waste — especially if it impacts the environment. I saw these Squooshi reusable food pouches online a few weeks ago and was intrigued.

Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) I take my kids to the store and we pass the snack aisle, the kids would beg for the “applesauce in a pouch thing.” I just can’t bring myself to buying some. First of all, we have a lot of applesauce at home. Second, it’s not cost-effective — you’re pretty much paying for the pouch. I thought that perhaps that I can reuse the pouch – cut out the bottom or figure out how to refill from the top. But it seemed more hassle than it was worth.

Enter Squooshi “Reusable Pouches for Squishy Food.” GENIUS idea. It works like a zip-bag. You refill from the bottom, zip it up, and let the kids take it to school! They say that it is BPA-Free and dishwasher-safe. You can even FREEZE it. No longer will I have to send my kids to school with applesauce and fear of losing a spoon (I put real silverware in the kids’ lunches).

I need to get my hands on a pack before my kids grow too old to use these (I think the designs are adorable). You can enter to win a 4-pack, too! Just go over to Don’t Mess with Mama and enter the Squooshi giveaway. Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a giveaway entry for this post. Good luck to all who enter!

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