DIY Terrariums in a Jar Tutorial

I’ve always loved terrariums. It must the the miniature plants and their arrangement that makes you want to shrink down to ant-size and explore the contained little world. It  doesn’t take much to make a terrarium — it can be done with plants found around your garden and jars saved in your house. The only special item you’d need is activated charcoal, which can be found at any pet supply store in the aquarium section (by the water filters).

Living in Southern California and being semi-lazy gardeners, we opt for plants that are drought tolerant and low maintenance—a perfect combination for our terrarium. Not to mention that a lot of drought-tolerant plants are succulents, which most can grow roots off of cut leaves and stems. Spring Break is among us in this house and I’m home with a bored 8-year-old. I was about to recycle some glass jars until I had the idea to do a project with the “bored kid.” The moment I mentioned “terrarium” she sprung to her feet and started scavenging around the garden for little plants and rocks.  Then she ran to her room to get her glass “Tinies” so that they could “live” in a jar. We ended up with this:

DIY Terrarium Plants




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