DIY Wedding Favors that Grow

I’ve been inundated with work projects but I want to take a moment to share a guest post I wrote for the Wedding Crowd Blog. Wedding Crowd is an awesome website to help you visually plan your wedding and gives you to the tools to “make it real.” It’s new and invite-only at the moment so get in while it’s fresh!



Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. Once you get the major details down, it’s time to focus on your guests—specifically how to thank them for sharing your special day. There are many options for wedding favors out there for purchase. But if you’re a budget-conscious bride, you might opt for making favors yourself. For a unique favor, consider gifts that grow. It is a cost-effective gift that your guests will be able to keep and appreciate. Below are three ideas of wedding favors that grow which you can easily put together.


Lucky Bamboo Plants – “A Lucky Pair”

You can find lucky bamboo plants for a great price point in Asian markets and even online. There are deals online for 4”-6” lucky bamboo for under $.50 a piece. To package, put them in clear poly bags and put a tag on it with some clever words such as “A Lucky Pair,” or “We are lucky to have friends like you.”  Lucky bamboo is easy to grow and lasts many years — just anchor them in a vase with gravel and add water! This makes for a great favor for around $1 per guest.


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  1. Looking to order and have shipped out 1000 bamboo plants to 1000 addresses with a promo insert included that I would provide. Can you do that ?

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