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As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of dessert. I even go out of my way to seek out new dessert experiences. When I was invited to try iDessert, one of San Diego’s newest dessert places, I answered with a quick, “Yes!”

iDessert is the brainchild of Jean-Phillipe Maury — proprietor of well-known patisseries in Las Vegas, including the Jean-Phillipe Patisserie, famous for the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain in the Bellagio. iDessert is his new project and we are lucky enough to have it’s flagship store here in Little Italy, San Diego!

I took my kids with me and were greeted by Michele, who showed us how to order our dessert. Along the wall and window is an L-shaped countertop with several iPads which gives you a visual method to “build your dessert.” You can choose from pre-defined combos or customize your own. I found it nice to be able to see what I’ve ordered before finalizing it. It’s just like online shopping – you can change your mind and not be bound to your choices (or be subject to an annoyed cashier) until you hit “check out.”  A basic dessert is a dome-shape meringue crust, flavored whipped cream and your choice of gelato or sorbet. You can add more options (for an extra price) such as cake, sauce and “crunch.” Go “Vegas Style” and they’ll drop some dry ice in the bottom of the serving container so your dessert looks out of this world.

My kids were so excited to design their own dessert (and so was I).

Once your order is placed, your dessert is hand-assembled behind the counter.

We ordered our desserts “Vegas Style” and it looked as if it was a spaceship that had just come in for a landing!


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The sauce comes in a squeeze tube that you can inject into your dessert. To eat, you break the crust with the end of the spoon (specifically designed for this purpose) and you can savor all the ingredients together.  I, of course, loved the flavors I chose (chocolate shell, pistachio gelato, vanilla cake, and strawberries). The contrast of the crunchy shell, fruit, crunch and cake layer was like eating all your favorite dessert treats all at once. The only negative was that I wish I had more. If you’re like me, you save LOTS of room for dessert.

A notable feature of these desserts is that all fruit ingredients are fresh (not frozen) and the meringues, cakes, and gelato are all house-made using only the best ingredients. You can customize your order to be gluten-free, as well!

A customer’s “Vegas Style” order!

The basic dessert starts at $4.95 and can go up based on what you add to your order. In addition to their signature dessert, they also serve gelato, milkshakes, and coffee. They also sell treats to take home such as meringue cookies, sugar cookies, candies, and Jean-Phillipe’s famous chocolate.

iDessert is located on India Street between Date and Cedar. If you’re familiar with Little Italy you are well-aware that parking can be a challenge during dinner time so take some patience with you if you choose to go at this time. Or eat at one of the many fine restaurants in the area then walk over for dessert!

Floating meringue display

The moment you walk into iDessert, you know that you’ll be in for a unique treat. From the display of floating meringue crusts to their futuristic hot pink and silver decor combined with rustic wood elements, Jean-Phillipe’s style is reflected in every aspect of this storefront. He takes traditional elements and ingredients and adds a twist and a lot of flare for a truly innovative dessert experience. 

1608 India St #104
San Diego, CA 92101

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Disclosure: My family and I received complimentary desserts to review. As always, I do my best to be honest with my readers and hopefully can maintain your trust with my opinions. 

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