K-Pop Colors: Summer Chill

Colors of K-Pop: Summer Chill

This post is a part of a series of K-Pop Color Palettes. You can find a full list in the original post: Colors of K-Pop.

TAEYONG – Long Flight

This quickly became one of my favorite “chill tracks.” The distorted neo-soul chords and plucky synths followed by a smooth bass-line and light strings set the mood to make you want to sit back and enjoy the summer. The cool colors are reminiscent of the color-changing sky and are paired with complementary colors to add a little pop.

HEX: #3c8ac2
RGB: 60, 138, 194
HEX: #95c9ee
RGB: 149, 201, 238
HEX: #0d8e7a
RGB: 13, 142, 122
HEX: #fde51f
RGB: 253, 229,31
HEX: #f8f0b8
RGB: 248, 240, 184
HEX: #5a297b
RGB: 90, 41, 123
HEX: #865a9f
RGB: 134, 90, 159

DPR Live – Martini Blue

DPR Live = exquisite videography and music. This track is a perfect summer vibe. Living in San Diego, we catch the sunset over the ocean and this video encapsulates that feeling (but in Greece?) — people gradually retreat into the shadows, hues in the landscape and building become more muted and the ocean seems to get darker and deeper.

HEX: #171d46
RGB: 23, 29 70
HEX: #75bbb7
RGB: 117, 187, 183
HEX: #ac9974
RGB: 172, 153, 116
HEX: #e6e1d8
RGB: 230, 225, 216
HEX: #bd7253
RGB: 189, 114, 83
HEX: #d5b57b
RGB: 213, 181, 123
HEX: #171d46
RGB: 40, 50, 52

Hoody & Bronze – Submarine

This song gives off a funky 80’s feel-good vibe. I’ve had Hoody’s music mixed in my playlist and recently discovered this gem of a song — it just “feels so good.” The video is a nice departure from a typical MV. The illustration plays homage to fauvism and is almost Henri Matisse-like in color and concept.

HEX: #ebbc45
RGB: 235, 188, 69
HEX: #e3697f
RGB: 227, 105, 127
HEX: #d72e49
RGB: 215, 46, 73
HEX: #f7dfcf
RGB: 247, 223, 207
HEX: #70b5b6
RGB: 112, 181, 182
HEX: #213942
RGB: 33, 57, 66
HEX: #396521
RGB: 57, 101, 33

There were so many other “summer chill” songs that I wanted to include, but they either didn’t have a video, or the video was too monochrome for a good summery palette. Do you have a favorite k-pop summer song? Leave it in the comments below!

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